Hello, I’m Sara
And I can’t wait to work with you.

Wood textured Morganite engagement ring

Uncommon and personalized: two qualities sought by my clients. Sometimes they arrive here overflowing with ideas; other times we make the entire journey to a unique design together. Either way, they found me the same way you likely did — searching for that ultimate piece of jewelry with extraordinary presence.

  • Does your perfect piece of jewelry not yet exist?
  • Are you looking for a design to embody that “extra-special something” of the person it will adorn?
  • Is your (or the recipient’s) design aesthetic nontraditional or even a bit quirky? 

As a designer, my goal is to tap into your deepest design inspiration — even if you haven’t yet recognized it. I want to know all about you and what this piece of jewelry will represent. The more we communicate and share ideas, the more spectacular your final piece of jewelry will be.

There are no limits to what we can create together! Okay, there are some limits…but Ill be sure to walk you through any we encounter. I’m a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Accredited Jewelry Professional, so I’m always happy to share my knowledge of gemstones and fabrication as we go. 

You can view some of my favorite designs in my portfolio. I can’t wait to get to know you and start designing! 





PS: Because all of my custom design work is incredibly personalized, I can only work with a handful of clients at a time to ensure an amazing experience.  If you have a special occasion already on the calendar for your jewelry, please contact me immediately so we can chat about timing.

From every small detail of the design to the sparkle from the stone, it was immediately clear that we had made the right choice.
— Nick & Kate B. from Adelaide, Australia


Custom jewelry designer, Sara Pocius

If you’d like to get to know me a bit more before working together...

My entire life I’ve been turning my ideas into something tangible; I think I’m addicted to creating. With roots in  both Chicago and the Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles, I surround myself with amazing urban inspiration. After a move back to Chicago in 2017, I'm now creating in my sunny Uptown studio.


All through junior high I was the girl buying little packs of embroidery floss at the Ben Franklin. I simply had try out all the different friendship bracelet patterns I learned up at summer camp in the U.P. (that’s in Michigan for those of you who aren't familiar with flyover country). I loved taking custom requests, especially for those skater boys!

Twenty+ years later I still haven’t forgotten that rush of making something that someone will treasure — not only as a gift, but as something they choose to wear as an expression of their style or personality.


My career choice as an advertising art director allowed me the amazing ability to create on a daily basis — but I needed a hobby outside of my hectic ad agency life.  As an escape, I took a basic jewelry class and I fell in love. Within a few months I had launched my business and soon after enrolled in metal smithing classes to immerse myself in this new world of design. 


A move to Los Angeles with my husband changed everything in 2013. After establishing myself in the L.A. Jewelry District and becoming a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional, I developed a ready-to-wear silver collection (including an award-winning cat pendant design that got lots of press!). Soon after, I expanded my design horizons with my very first engagement ring commission. The pull to design custom jewelry had never been stronger — it was magical!

My first custom ring set the standard for the undivided attention I give to my clients’ design wishes on each and every project. And, this sparkler has a fun international wedding-gagement story — read the story here.

Since that very first elegant Moissanite ring, I’ve had the opportunity to design an amazing variety of custom pieces featuring: fairy woodland tree branches, tiger claws and even venomous snakes. As different as they are from each other, each piece of jewelry tells a story that means the world to the person wearing it.

If you’re dreaming of something unforgettable, I would be honored to create a modern heirloom for you, too.