Non-traditional colored engagement rings

I love diamonds — they’re my birthstone and the mystical, unattainable gem of my childhood. A stone that was always too expensive or carried too much emotional weight to simply be given as a gift. I realized the first diamond I would ever receive was my future engagement ring. And I dreamed about it the way little girls and single twenty-somethings often do.

Now I’m happily married and lovingly gaze at my rare and magical Alexandrite engagement ring. A ring for which I chose the stone and, of course, custom designed the setting as my very first fine jewelry adventure. Funny how that all worked out.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Going the non-diamond route is not just an inexpensive alternative for an engagement ring. In fact, there are plenty of colorful baubles that are more rare and/or precious than the traditional bling. So why would any sane woman forego a girl’s best friend?

The woman who chooses color might:
• be worried about wearing a truly conflict-free diamond
• simply prefer her birthstone or favorite color
• want the color to reflect her dark or fiery or sweet personality
• want a higher quality stone for the same value of a not-so-perfect diamond
• desire a stone that is truly rare (diamonds aren’t the rarest)
• or she might just be the gal who doesn’t want what everyone else has

All of these reasons are valid and the colorful, non-traditional engagement rings these women wear are special and meaningful to them. And that’s all that really matters, right?

Here are a few of the custom colored gemstone engagement rings I’ve designed for clients.

I'd love to work with you  to create an unforgettable piece of jewelry.

Feeling the draw of colored gemstones?

Check out ten gorgeous stones below that are more rare than a diamond or visit the Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Encyclopedia for more information on colored stones.

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