Custom Design: Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Designing an engagement ring that’s a surprise for the bride-to-be is always fun. But there’s something really cool about working closely with her during the design process. Getting to discover all the little subtleties that will make the final ring perfect for her is actually a really cool process. I like to ask a lot of really random questions…so I’m sure my clients are wondering why I want to know if they like sleek better than flowing. But in the end, all the little details add up and I’ve built a great picture of what I hope will be the perfect design.

That was the case with this spectacular green sapphire engagement ring. The design exploration went from sparkle level, to shades of green and even to the downfalls of jewelry with nooks and crannies when it comes to working as a nurse. We covered it all!

Square(ish). Moldavite green. Low profile. Petite. Matte. Smooth. Enclosed (aka no nooks and crannies). And natural, natural, natural.

These were the marching orders that lead me on a wild goose chase around the L.A. jewelry district and eventually across the globe (via Google) to a husband-wife team of gem hunters to find the perfect green stone. An untreated square cushion cut gem in a similar shade of green to the bride-to-be’s favorite Moldavite, but with sapphire hardness that makes it the perfect stone for a ring that will be worn every day.

The petite little stone was set into a custom bezel ring. A thin tapered band rises up to meet the bezel and help maintain a low profile. I wanted to create a ring that would be easy to wear as my client slips on and off gloves at work. Plus, an enclosed stone and smooth lines would not interfere as she interacts with patients.

For the final touches, it was cast in raw 14k white gold for a slightly warm, natural feel and finished with a brushed polish. The end result in her own words is: “just my style.”

Custom Design: Arrow and Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

Blue Chalcedony Arrow Ring Custom Design

One of the coolest things about custom jewelry is that it can be incredibly personalized. Everything from design details, metal and stone choice can all carry individual meaning. And this is absolutely the case with a custom ring I recently completed.

I lovingly call it the Arrow Ring, but it’s so much more than that for my client. For someone who loves archery, the cool blue color of water and the energy of natural stones, this ring captures it all.

Oh my gosh…the pictures really don’t do it justice!! Its so absolutely perfect! That blue!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

— Heather M. from Peyton, CO
Arrow Ring with Blue Chalcedony Stone

Arrows are everywhere recently, but this design was not following current trends. As someone who practices archery, the arrow symbolizes something personal to my client. By designing a heavyweight oxidized silver band to be worn on her index finger, I was able to create a large arrow cutout that wraps around the entire band. The shape is inspired by a quintessential arrow from tip to “feathers.”

But the most special part of this ring is the custom cut aqua blue chalcedony. The edges of the chunky facets perfectly complement the angles of the graphic arrow. Not only is the blue color of this stone a favorite of my client, but the meaning and energy of the Chalcedony itself is something very important to her. Combining all of these unique details created a one-of-a-kind ring that wraps her finger in both personal meaning and natural energy.