CaptivateD. FascinateD. Delighted.

You revel in connections inspired by nature and capture that beauty with your individual style.

That intense feeling when you see “the one” — that piece of jewelry that makes you swoon — I totally understand it. I’m Sara Pocius and as a jewelry designer I seek out materials and natural gemstones that evoke a pure sense of awe. The more colorful, unique or raw, the better. I take those gems, give them an urban-boho twist, and create pieces of jewelry that let you boldly express your sense of wonderment.

My passion for jewelry can be traced back to my grandma’s 1980s living room and its amazing bowl of tumbled gemstones. I lost hours memorizing the colors, shapes, and details of each stone — I was especially fascinated with a lovely rutilated quartz. But as children often do, I grew up and somehow abandoned those stones in the green ceramic bowl. Many years later, when I stepped into a little bead shop seeking a break from the noisy city,  that long-forgotten connection to those tumbled gems came rushing back — it nearly knocked me over. Sara Pocius jewelry was essentially born that same day!

Working with unique gemstones, oxidized metals, and interesting textures I’m able to accentuate the natural beauty of these remarkable materials. You’ll see the beauty of both yourself and nature reflected in my original designs. And you’ll be delighted when everyone else sees it, too!

Want to find “your one?” Join my tribe of wonderment-seekers below and be first to know about new collections and limited-edition designs!